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Banner Ad Tracking

Track all Banner Ad Traffic in Real Time

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Banner ads tracking done by third party reports require you to wait for results and trust someone else's numbers. MVI Live Stats allows you to track banner ads hits on your site in real time as they happen. That is a thing of the past with MVI Live Stats. You can now see what traffic is being generated from your banner ads and which ones are most effective to better utilize your advertising budget.

We Track In Real Time
The “Online Now” watches in real time the actions of every visitor to the Flash widget.  Below you will notice one visitor.

       Web Stats visitor analytics

MVI Live Stats banner ad tracking capabilities allows site owners to get a better handle on the visitors who came to their site via banner ad campaigns. Our unique tagging of traffic allows you to distinguish banner ad traffic from traffic that came from other sources. Armed with this information, you can zero in on the visitors behaviors and actions to refine your banner advertising. With effective banner ads and MVI Live Stats to analyze those banners, the playing field can shift to your favor.

Web Stats visitor analytics
Tracking  Banner Ads In Real Time

When you place MVI Live Stats snippet on your site, we identify the visitor by IP name and referring site. The pages entered and viewed all in real time. If you set an event trigger the details can be emailed in real time or store in
separate location for easy viewing.  Example Below-

Web Stats visitor analytics

Web Stats visitor analytics

Web Stats visitor analytics
Web Stats visitor analytics
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