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Traditional Ad Tracking

Tracking magazine and direct mail advertisements

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Using Web Analytics to Track Traditional Advertising Results

Track Direct mail campaign: Based on the research we know that most people check a company out on the web before making a purchase or a contact. By including a distinctive website URL in a direct mail piece, recipients can go to the website to check out the product. By using web analytics we track how many visited the website and what pages they viewed. Tracking zip codes you mailed against the zip codes that visited your site is also possible.

Track Advertisements in Magazine: In this case it is better to create a promotional website URL devoted to that advertised product. It should include all the standard information such as features, advantages and benefits and also strong calls to action. If you are using multiple magazine ads then you can also do a subdirectory for each to track specific ads. Again, we use web analytics to measure the real effect of the ad and whether the visitor has taken an action that you have set up as a goal.

Track Retail Store Promotion: We create a unique page on the website and use web analytics to track number of visits initiated from the ad and what visitors looked at on your site. This gives us an idea of what most people are interested in and allows you to craft better messaging that is more relevant.

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