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Interpreting Analytics Data

Analytics Made Easy To Understand

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Knowing where your visitors came from and what they searched for is vital if you want your site to appear on the first page of Google.

MVI Live Web Stats takes all that data and serves it to you in easy to interpret pie charts, graphs, and text summary form so you can identify hot products/pages.

Easily obtain data on:

  • ROI for your advertising campaign(s)
  • Traffic Source (company name / location)
  • Unique (new) visitors
  • Time on your site
  • Keywords they searched for in Google

View our section to get familiar with some common tracking language and concepts.

We know how busy you are so we also offer in-house analysis - contact us!

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Need information about events that occur in Adobe Flash? Interpret data from there too!
Web Statistics Visitor Tracking Web Statistics Visitor Tracking Web Statistics Visitor Tracking Web Statistics Visitor Tracking Web Statistics Visitor Tracking
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Target traffic by location they Enter the Internet.
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