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Real Time Knowledge of Web Site Visitors

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There are many philosophies regarding which marketing techniques are the most-effective. To actually prove which technique is the most effective requires real statistics, or hard data demonstrating which methodology, why it worked and what target market was penetrated. In the end, the only way to capture real insight is to review analytics data that harbor the answer.

Advanced Analytics Collect and Harness Website Marketing Data
The good news is that the act of collecting hard data is easier online than anywhere else. There are many tools that are available to allow webmasters to gather the hard data on website visitors. One of the best tools for collecting real time visitor tracking is MVI Live Stats.

How MVI Live Stats Works
Each visitor has a unique IP address that identifies the visitor state, city and zip code. The IP address can serve as a gateway to valuable consumer information that can help webmasters make marketing decisions. The MVI Live Stats software takes unique IP addresses and scans the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN). Through this database, MVI Live Stats can gather information on the owner of the IP address and will then post the information in an intuitive interface within 60 seconds. MVI Live Stats standardized interface through which businesses can engage in data mining so that you can integrate real time knowledge who's on your site, where they came from and how they used which site pages.

With real-time data, you can make fact based business decisions immediately. True REAL TIME ACTIONABLE DATA allows you to make important decisions in less time. For example, if you receive an influx of visitors, you can quickly understand why they are visiting and what they are seeking. This permits you to quantify content and tailor that content to that demographic. You will always know who, what and why - the cornerstones of great marketing.

MVI Live Stats Allows You to Create the Best Possible User Experience
The power of MVI Live Stats lies in the way in which the program tracks knowledge about IP location and comparing where the visitor came from, what they search for and what they viewed and how long. This valuable data allows the site owner to better understand if there marketing program are working, if there PPC clicks are producing and provides knowledge about how to improve those marketing endeavors. This knowledge comes from data that allows you to measure and improve your web site sales lead in real time.

There are many additional creative ways that MVI Live Stats can be harnessed to enhance your promotion. Event triggers are real time email alerts as they happen. Custom reports to filter data and results, exporting real time analytics data into 3rd party system. These advanced marketing metrics will give you the edge that allows you to compete.

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