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Why Use Real Time Web Analytics

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Do you and your web team have real time analytics data about the visitors to your website?
Are you trying to optimize, add relevant content or create PPC campaigns without knowing who is visiting, how long they are staying and which pages are viewed? Analytics is necessary to resolving these and other marketing questions in today's competitive web promotion.

The major advantage is to discover what works and why. The faster you can determine these answers the more advantages you gain. The fastest way to gain the knowledge is to have analytics parsed to you immediately. Real time results about your visitors and reactions to online PPC campaigns give instantaneous profitable knowledge. This advantage is increased by knowing as much as possible about the visitor. This information is verified by tracking the visitors IP, in real-time and displaying the visitors zip code location and in some instances the company name. While this is available from a few MVI Live Stats is best known provider.

The Right Web Analytics Solution
Every good online marketing director knows that web visitors are sales lead and the faster you have the data the better the lead. Tracking this knowledge by storing the information is readily available web database 24/7 make the process easy to use. All available by from at very very affordable rates. This easy to install application can inform where your visitors are coming from, what search words they used to find your site, what pages they viewed, how long they viewed each page, what zip code location they came from, unique visitors, did they buy or fill out a form and another seventy pieces of information about the visitor. Using web analytics can substantially improve your online marketing techniques by telling you which technique works best for your website. MVI Web Analytics can help you with:

- Event triggers- real time alerts as they happen
- Website Usability
- Maximize your marketing budget and return on investments
- Better target your audience
- Increase conversions
- Enhance the customer experience

Advanced marketing metrics, such as MVI Live Stats can do all of this because it offers you knowledge, research power and helps you determine who, what, why and where your targeted audience.

Offers Real Time Analytics
Unlike other analytics applications, MVI Live offers real-time, live views of your traffic and its participation. You can see all aspects of your readership and the effects your content is having on them. You don't have to wait for next day or next week measurements. This takes the guesswork out of your analytical process.

You can:

- Track real time activities
- Get the analytical data you want exhibited, by selecting the options that are most important to you.
- Compare the effects of different marketing techniques on viewers and readers.

The MVI Live Stats Reputation
MVI has an incredible reputation among high-powered SEO experts who use our stats to gain advanced analytical data. The application is 2013 answer how to measure content that you have just placed on the web, on social media platforms, blogs or websites. This coupled with advanced filtering provides you a platform that gives you the right information right now.

Bottom Line
MVI Live Stats puts all the stats you could ever want or need in easy to find and use dashboards. It offers easy to read report displays and on content, both new and old. This all happens in real time. As a marketer, when you create a new campaign on Facebook, Google Ads, and Adwords or use organic traffic on blogs and websites, you need to know what's going on immediately, and that's what MVI offers. MVI is smart enough to detect your traffic's preferences. It can distinguish between your landing pages and your conversion ages and offers one-click reporting information without your having to enter urls, or data constantly, or without your having to click through to several different data pages. Go an take a test drive are MVI Live Stats.

Or visit our website to learn more at

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