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MVI Live Stats offers a vast array of functionality that user from novice to expert can take advantage of. Virtually all of the functionality that is provided by MVI Live Stats can be found on our website.

This section will take you through some of the features offered by MVI Live Stats. If you can't find the answer to your questions on our site please feel free to contact support via phone email or live chat.

Web Stats visitor analytics
Sales Lead Integration
Find out how to Integrate Web leads Into Sales Software here.
Web Visitor Tracking Custom Reports
Custom Reports
Reports for analytics that you find important.
Web Visitor Tracking Communication tools
Event Triggers
Event triggers, provides you an easy method of recording actions visitors trigger on your site
Web Stats visitor analytics Web Stats visitor analytics Web Stats visitor analytics Web Stats visitor analytics Web Stats visitor analytics
Web Statistics Geo Tracking
SLM Manual
The mvSLM user manual is an operational guide located online for your convenience.
Web Visitor Tracking Event Alerts
Event Email Alerts
Receive email alerts when event triggers occur
Web Stats visitor analytics
Developer Zone
Developer zone provides API information for integration with MVI Live Stats
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