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Information on Specialized Use Of Events Triggers

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Special Tracking Suggestions

These explanation are for programmers or developers and provide Hints how to track certain non standard elements by MVI Live Stats


uri -  is where you would place the URI that you want to be  tracked by MVI Live Stats.  If you want the page to be track to be   "/junk123.php' then you would pass "/junk123.php" in this parameter.


The unique code that's contained in any MVI Live Stats page view event trigger snippet. For example, if you'd want to trigger the event for which the below code snippet belongs to, you would pass "0rtrcgzriaMHG7lgM7kV4sTWWEtdE7LE".


It is impossible for MVI to anticipate the questions that you might need answered.  We encourage you to send any questions to our support team at  We will respond to all inquires if you provide amble supporting date so we can understand inquiry.

User Manuel-

This non technical explanation of how the system operates. It provides an overview and some specific explanations on the  87 different features and the controls available to all users. The manual is must read for non technical first time users. Read Here


These FAQ’s are general in nature and deal with operation And Billing.   To review the general FAQ on operation Click Here To review the billing FAQ Click Here

Support Section- 

The support section provides multiple locations on The MVI Live Stats program that you can acquire support assistance. Click Here for Support

Web Statistics Visitor Tracking

Web Statistics Visitor Tracking
The MVI Live Stats system work by placing tracking code on all web pages.

Web Statistics Visitor Tracking

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Track all your sites from one login and give viewing
controls to individual users.

Web Statistics Visitor Tracking
Web Statistics Geo Tracking
Developer Zone
View documentation on some advanced features...
Web Statistics Visitor Tracking
Track Flash Content
A General overview of the flash events that you can track using MVI Live Web Stats
Web Visitor Tracking Widget Tracking
SLM Manual
A great manual covering integration of MVI Live Web Stats...
Web Statistics Visitor Tracking Web Statistics Visitor Tracking Web Statistics Visitor Tracking Web Statistics Visitor Tracking Web Stats visitor analytics
Web Stats visitor analytics
Contact Us
Need more support? We offer consulting and programming services as well.
Web Visitor Tracking Ad Campaigns
Live Chat Manual
Read Documentation on our Live Chat Feature already built into your MVI Live Stats...
Web Visitor Tracking PPC
User Manual
Our User Manual outlines the features and makes a great guideline...
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